Intense Light High Power Red Laser Diode Module

Not simply relying on manual labor force input and quite long time spending on prior dot positioning works, it the is a major trend for user for the selection of high power red laser diode module. After easy connect with an external DC input power supply, it is always workable with the most intense and powerful red laser light emission and highly clear red reference dot projection in distance easily. On condition that high power red dot laser gets quite larger space leaving for thermal emitting and specially designed with separate thermal emitting system, it is always effective enough to gain highly stable and reliable red reference dot projection in continuous use.

high power red laser diode module
high power red laser diode module

The genuine dot alignment with high power red laser diode module is used for quite long time. In process of the most stable dot projection work, it is making use of external DC input power supply. Equipped with separate metal heat sink cooling system, when dot laser alignment tool gets the largest space leaving for laser tube cooling down, it is just achieving superior nice thermal conductivity and super strong environmental stabilization. The special use of aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube is protecting laser tube itself from serious mechanical shocking, moving or calibration etc.
Under the selection of import 650nm red laser diode, beginning with high power up to 150mW to 500mW, this high power red laser diode module always generates the most powerful red laser light and thermal energy from beam aperture. When laser tech engineer is making super great consideration of thermal emitting and industrial stabilization, this dot laser alignment tool is being made with APC, ACC driving circuit board. Even though there is super rapid temperature increasing, however, the intelligent feedback system is protecting laser tube from overheating and over electric current impact.
Under considered operating time within 8 to 10 hours per day, only if there is enough time and space leaving for laser tube cooling down, high power red laser diode module gets the most efficient thermal conductivity and extremely stable red reference dot projection and long serving lifetime in constant use. Any possibility of eye exposure to beam aperture from high power red alignment laser might cause serious hurt to human eyes. Whenever users are paying high attention to powerful red laser light and possible thermal hurt, after proper wearing of laser safety goggles, high power red laser achieves high security measurement constantly.

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