How Can Glass Coated Lens 445nm Blue Dot Laser Module Work Precisely?

445nm blue dot laser module
445nm blue dot laser module

When users are trying to make long lasting dot projection at a much longer work distance than formal reaching places, it is not easy to reach with a simple laser pointer or other manual dot projecting tool at all. At the same time, under constant technical innovation of advanced 445nm blue laser diode tech and qualified optic lens inside a high duration and ultra compact size tube, the genuine use of a 445nm blue dot laser module is able to work with high density blue laser light source emission, and highly stable and reliable blue reference dot projection for all precise device manufacturing work fields constantly.
On condition that 445nm blue dot laser module applies a qualified glass coated lens, cooperating with a glass window in front of laser beam aperture, it is working well with high transmittance and high density blue laser light source generation at long extending distance. At the same time, once it is pointing under those of hash working occasion, such as dust, rain, water fog, or other moisture working occasion, this 445nm blue laser alignment still gets perfect protection of itself, and maintains long lasting dot generation within daily operating time of 10 hours per day.
Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, in order to make long lasting dot indication, this 445nm blue dot laser module adopts an external AC/DC adapter as its electric power source. Employed by an import 445nm blue laser diode within 50mW to 100mW, only after its correct use of 9V 1000mA DC power supply, it just makes constant blue laser light source emission at long extending distance. On consideration of high level of accuracy dot projection, the usual use of a 445nm blue laser alignment enables the longest work distance of 25 meters and other formal lighting working occasions. It also provides users quite satisfied dot positioning results for laser show, laser displaying, laser communication, optical instrument and analysis system etc.
According to the real work distance and lighting occasion, unless it is pointing under sunlight, this 445nm blue dot laser module enables correct use of output power. It gets ultra compact size tube design of only 16mm, it enables the most convenient installation and the easiest reaching of blue dot projection onto any vertical or horizontal working surface. Owing to its beginning high power up to 50mW to 100mW, after its projection of powerful blue laser radiation and thermal energy, users should take laser safety measure and wear correct laser safety goggles until achieving easy, free and long lasting dot projection for all application fields.