Intense BeamHigh Power 200mW Green Dot Laser Alignment

If there is quite serious need of super accurate dot measuring result at quite long work distance and quite high lighting working occasion, it would be the most challenge job for users before selecting a correct dot measuring tool as expected. When laser tech engineer is developing high power 200mW green dot laser alignment, it is not simply used for formal and temporary dot positioning work. On contrary, after its easy connect with a DC input power supply, this high power 532nm green laser module is mainly workable for accurate dot instruction for all kinds of industrial and high tech dot measuring work effectively.

High Power 200mW Green Dot Laser Alignment
High Power 200mW Green Dot Laser Alignment

On basis of quite high brightness green laser beam emitting from laser beam aperture, high power 200mW green dot laser alignment is generating super visible green laser beam at several miles far away, which is just able to work with clear enough green reference dot targeting at quite long distance as well. This laser diode module is also being designed with adjustable focus. After quite simple roast of laser beam aperture part, highly intense green laser beam is concentrated into a quite small size green dot, which is always able to make sure of super clear dot instruction on all targeting surfaces conveniently.
In continuous dot alignment work, high power 200mW green dot laser alignment is taking even higher thermal consumption in long term constant alignment work. It is getting separate part for cooling system, when it is workable for long term dot measuring work, it is always getting superior nice thermal conductivity, and then easily get stable enough dot projection. Not being used for formal presentation work, this constant electric power source supported green laser module is always being used as a quite nice laser dot source for high tech fields, including scientific research, lab experiment, laser medical treatment device, and a series of laser tests etc.
According to quite small size tube diameter design, high power green laser alignment is able to be installed easily on any other device or equipment, which is able to make sure of no barrier dot instruction for any type of long distance, high height, and other complex working environments etc. Whenever alignment laser dot is freely adjusted within three dimensions, there is always no barrier for users to get clear enough dot targeting on any working surface. When users are wearing proper 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses, no matter what kind of working occasion, this high power alignment laser is always ensuring no danger measurement perfectly.