Green Line Laser Alignment 5mW to 100mW

In any working occasion where users are trying to make highly clear and accurate line projection onto different targeting surfaces, no matter it is pointed onto different targeting surfaces, any simple line drawing device, such as a formal square meter or blocking board is not able to make super clear line projection as expected. When laser tech engineer is making super great technical innovation of advanced green line laser alignment, after perfect equipment with qualified optic lens and constant electric power source, it is a real and practically used laser line measuring tool for all precise device manufacturing works effectively.

532nm green line laser alignment
532nm green line laser alignment

Not simply relying on manual line drawing or line printing works, under operation with a green line laser alignment, it is able to work with continuous green reference line projection after connect with a DC input power supply. It is always making continuous green reference line targeting from beam aperture. Within wide range electric current from 100V to 240V, this laser line generator is easily used in majority countries and regions. After converting into different operating voltage of 5V or 9V operating voltage, it is able to work with continuous and highly stable green reference line projection, including high temperature and strong corrosion as well.
Being made with the best quality glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, on basis of quite strict laser beam stability tests and up to 24 hours aging preventing tests, green line laser alignment is always workable with high linear quality and high fineness green reference line projection in use. Under condition that green laser module gets different fan angle from 10 degree to 110 degree, after production into different line length from 0.5 meter to 6 meters, it is always getting quite satisfied line positioning result on any vertical or horizontal surfaces.
On basis of quite easy installation on any other machine or device, with the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket and freely installed distance within the maximum distance of 3 meters, green line laser alignment enables the most convenient installation and adjustment, and then producing highly clear green reference line onto targeting surface as expected. For the most important of all, after quite easy adjustment of laser line thickness and line targeting direction within three dimensions, this alignment laser always assures the most satisfied line positioning result in distance. Only according to high attention to intense laser light and produced thermal energy from beam aperture, it is only a necessity to wear laser safety goggles so as to achieve highly secured and fine alignment constantly.

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