Highly Stable 5mW Blue Laser Pointer

When I am seeking fun for laser presentation, besides the use of formal green laser device, I just find that 5mW blue laser pointer is a very nice choice to so. It is not as bright as a 532nm or 473nm laser devices, however, it is projecting quite charming and attractive blue laser beam and blue dot from beam aperture. I am enjoyed to make dot presentation with such laser device. Any time it is easily inserted with 2 pieces of Alkaline battery power source, it is able to make the most wonderful and marvelous dot presentation for multiple working occasions efficiently.

5mW blue laser pointer
5mW blue laser pointer

The usual design with a blue laser pointer is very simple. It is adopting inner metal heat sink cooling system, which is getting much better thermal emitting than formal air or water cooling, obtaining at least 5 times better thermal emitting in continuous work. According to the design with aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, in process of continuous blue laser dot projection work, it is obtaining superior nice thermal conductivity and highly stable performance in continuous work. For the most important of all, even though there is quite harsh working occasion blue laser it is used, however, this high durable laser pointer tool is also bearing super wide range temperature within -10 to 45 degree Celsius.
Not as bright as a 473nm blue DPSS laser part, however, this 5mW blue laser pointer is selecting 450nm blue laser diode as its beam emitting source. When it is producing blue laser beam directly from laser beam aperture, it is always able to work with even more stable dot positioning for even longer time than formal laser pointer device. In practical laser dot targeting work, it is able to work within 30 seconds, while still getting no appearance of laser light dim or blur in continuous pointing work.
Until the time laser tech engineer is making quite strict laser beam stability tests up to 24 hours, under operation with basic laser operating rules, 5mW blue laser pointer is just keeping highly reliable performance and extremely long serving lifetime as expected. Even though it is only a Class IIIa laser pen device, however, it is still a basic issue for users to pay attention to laser safety measure and avoid eye exposure to laser beam aperture.

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