Highly Stable DC Power Supply 905nm Infrared Laser Diode Modules

Whatever kind of night version precise dot measuring work fields, it is not easy to reach with a simple infrared laser pointer. However, after constant technical innovation of 905m infrared laser diode tech and qualified glass coated lens, it is developing into a quite practically used device, such as a 905nm infrared laser diode module. When it is projecting invisible infrared laser beam and infrared reference dot from beam aperture, only after its proper use with other night version device or equipment, this 905nm infrared dot laser is able to work with high intensity infrared laser light emission, and highly clear infrared referenced dot projection at various work distances.

905nm infrared laser diode module
905nm infrared laser diode module

This 905nm infrared laser diode module is getting serious need of highly clear and stable dot indication under various night version fields. As a result, laser tech engineer has just developed it with an import 905nm infrared laser diode and metal heat sink cooling system. When it gets at least 40% improvement of laser beam stability, and operates within constant work time of 8 to 10 hours per day, this infrared laser gets good thermal emitting and highly clear and no decay light infrared reference dot generation within the maximum operating time of 8 to 10 hours per day.
According to the use of an external electric power source, equipping with other night version device, such as a CCD camera, black and white camera or infrared laser camera etc, this 905nm infrared laser diode module always makes sure of continuous infrared laser beam emission, and efficient conversion of highly clear and accurate infrared reference dot projection at various work distances. In occasion that it gets wide range output power of 5mW to 500mW, only if it adopts proper size tube diameter of 16mm and 26mm tube, this 905nm infrared dot laser just gets easy installation, quick response infrared dot projection onto any raw material surface.
Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, being made with the best quality glass coated lens within 10, 15 and 110 degree, this 905nm infrared laser diode module is performing well with highly fine and straight infrared cross line projection. Any time it selects correct output power and glass coated lens degree, after easy adjustment of laser beam focus and infrared cross line projecting direction, this infrared alignment laser always makes highly precise and fine cross line projection in distance. In addition, after high attention to laser safety issue and wearing correct laser safety goggles, without any eye exposure to beam aperture, it just makes safe and easy use in all application fields.