Highly Stable 515nm Green Line Laser Alignment

In any type of manual or mechanical line measuring work field, it is always a very hard job to get ideal line aligning accuracy for any type of industrial and high tech work field. It is an easy job to operate 515nm green line laser alignment. After advanced use of import 515nm green laser diode and qualified optic lens with different fan angles, it is just generating extremely fine and straight forest green reference line onto various targeting surfaces. Only if this laser line generator gets basic configured thermal emitting and correct installation, it just asses high fineness and high speed line measurement in all occasions.

515nm Forest Green Line Laser Alignment
515nm Forest Green Line Laser Alignment

This 515nm green line laser alignment allows quite easy and convenient use. It employs an AC/DC adapter as its electric power source. Owing to its extremely larger space leaving for inner tube cooling down, after special use of metal heat sink cooling system and copper made forest green laser diode core part, this durable structure made 515nm green laser module just achieves superior nice thermal emitting, but also gets extremely stable line alignment in any long time use. For the most important of all, under unique of electric wires for both green laser and DC power source, usually within the maximum installation distance of 3 meters, noncontact green laser line is making convenient line indication and assuring highly stable performance under overheating and over current in continuous use.
Either line projecting work is processing at close distance or long distance, 515nm green line laser alignment employs the best quality glass coated lens or separate crystal lens. It keeps work with high transmittance forest green laser beam from beam aperture, but also enables wide range fan angles of 10 degree to 110 degree. According to correct measurement of line length, line fineness and work distance, only if this laser line generator gets correct output power and fan angle, it is achieving highly precise line positioning result as long as 25 meters.
Usually without quite serious relying on manual labor force input and prior line printing work, 515nm green line laser alignment always makes convenient and quick response line projection onto any vertical or horizontal surface. Whenever users are making correct installation and adjustment of both laser beam focus and alignment laser line projecting direction, it is able to work with the most precise line positioning result constantly. In continuous forest green reference line projection, only if users are paying high attention to laser thermal hurt and wearing correct laser safety glasses, this laser line generator achieves secured and clear measurement continuously.

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