High Power 200mW 532nm Green Line Laser Alignment Review

Under high attention to thermal emitting and highly stable line projection onto various targeting surfaces, it would be very efficient solution to make use of a high power 200mW 532nm green line laser alignment. It is always projecting the most powerful and intense green laser light from middle wavelength. Under operation with the most qualified optic lens with different fan angles and separate thermal emitting system, after correct use of an external DC power supply, this laser line generator achieves extremely fine and clear line alignment in all occasions.

high power 200mW 532nm green line laser alignment
high power 200mW 532nm green line laser alignment

This high power 200mW green line laser alignment makes excellent use of an external AC/DC adapter. On consideration of its high power up to 200mW and high thermal consumption, it should be equipping with higher operating voltage of 12V 1000mA DC power supply. Under operation of extending electric wires for both 200mW green laser module and DC power source, it enables the maximum installation distance of 3 meters and convenient green reference line projection at quite long work distance and high lighting occasions as well. For the most important of all, even though green laser tube temperature increases, however, it still gets perfect protection from overheating and over current in continuous use.
Without any worrying about laser light decay or dim, 200mW 532nm high power green line laser alignment makes the best use of glass coated lens or separate crystal lens. It generates high linear quality green laser line from beam aperture. At the same time, after getting wide range fan angles of 10 degree to 110 degree, it achieves different line lengths and line finenesses onto various targeting surfaces. After basic measurement of technical and experiment, this laser line generator would be selecting correct output power and fan angles, thus making the clearest line indication at great distance and high lighting effectively.
Whenever line measuring work is processing continuously, high power 200mW 532nm green line laser alignment is just used as an accessory part. It also enables quite easy screw of adjustable focus optics, after high speed green laser light concentration, this alignment laser makes sure of immediate and highly precise line generation onto any vertical or horizontal surface. In continuous green reference line projection, there is also quite powerful thermal energy emitting from laser beam aperture, which just brings serious hurt to human eyes. On condition that high power laser module is installing correctly, after correct wearing of laser safety glasses and avoiding eye exposure to beam aperture, it achieves safe and free use constantly.

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