Special Used 808nm Infrared Dot Laser Alignment

In various night vision dot measuring work fields, any simple laser pointer or manual dot projecting tool is not helpful at all to get ideal dot aligning accuracy under night vision. After continuous technical innovation of import 808nm infrared laser diode tech and basic use of external A/DC adapter, laser tech engineer is developing a quite advanced dot measuring tool of 808nm infrared dot laser alignment. When long wavelength made 808nm infrared laser module gets advanced use of thermal emitting system and correct installation onto any other night vision device, it makes sure of easy and highly precise IR dot positioning results effectively.

808nm Infrared Dot Laser Alignment
808nm Infrared Dot Laser Alignment

This 808nm infrared dot laser alignment makes good use of import 808nm infrared laser diode. Comparing with any other visible laser devices, it is getting even higher photoelectric ability up to 85%. Whenever it gets wide range output power of 5mW to 400mW, it is generating highly visible infrared laser beam and highly clear IR dot projection at various work distances. Within low power range of 5mW to 200mW, infrared laser module is making accurate dot measurement within 50 meters, while high power up to 300mW to 400mW makes satisfied IR laser dot projection as long as 100 to 1000 meters.
When 808nm infrared dot laser alignment makes perfect use of glass coated lens, either it is pointing at great distance or long time, it is keeping work with good laser light cycling use and highly clear infrared reference dot projection in continuous use. Owing to its invisible infrared laser beam emission from 808nm infrared laser diode, this long wavelength made infrared laser module is only operating as an accessory part. Under quite professional equipment with CCD camera, black and white camera or infrared laser camera, after intense infrared laser light concentration, this laser diode module achieves highly clear IR dot generation in distance.
Under high attention to laser safety issue and proper avoiding of eye exposure to powerful infrared laser radiation and reflection, 808nm infrared dot laser alignment makes sure of easy and safe IR dot indication onto all targeting surfaces. Any time this alignment laser gets quite special use of APC, ACC driving circuit board, under continuous increasing temperature and serious electric current impact, it is not affecting by environments and maintaining the most stable IR dot generation within daily use of 8 to 10 hours. Whenever compact structure made infrared laser module gets proper installation and adjustment of both laser beam focus and IR laser dot projecting direction within three dimensions, it achieves high precision IR dot measurement constantly.

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