Constant Measured 405nm Violet Dot Laser Module

In any type of highly clear and quick enough dot alignment at long work distance, it is not easy work for users to only rely on simple laser pointer or any other manual projecting tool. Whenever users are developing a quite practically used device of 405nm violet dot laser module, owing to its special use of cooling system and import violet laser diode inside durable metal housing tube, it is able to work with highly stable violet laser beam emission and super strong industrial stabilization. Whenever compact size violet laser alignment gets proper installation and adjustment of both laser beam focus and violet dot projecting direction, it makes sure of highly rapid and accurate dot positioning results in all occasions effectively.

405nm violet dot laser module
405nm violet dot laser module

When 405nm violet dot laser module employs import 405nm violet laser diode within 50mW to 100mW, it is only generating moderate brightness violet laser beam from beam aperture. When it gets mass production of laser diode and makes good use of import laser diode tech, this industrial stabilized violet laser alignment is workable with even more stable dot projection and quite low production cost for any precise device manufacturing works. Only after its correct use of 9V 1000mA DC power supply, it is able to work with highly intense violet laser beam emission and extremely lwo production cost for all application fields.
This 405nm violet dot laser module gets special need of highly clear dot alignment at quite long work distance, while still getting no appearance of laser light decay or blur in continuous use. The selection of qualified glass coated lens is getting even better performance than any simple plastic coated lens. At the same time, when violet alignment laser gets a series of beam stability tests, including super rapid electric current adding test, alternative high and low temperature changing test and up to 24 hours aging preventing tests, it is achieving superior nice laser light cycling use and highly clear violet dot indication onto any vertical or horizontal surface.
Designing with APC, ACC driving circuit board, 405nm violet dot laser module is keeping constant output power and electric current supply. It is preventing any increasing temperature and serious electric current impact, and ensuring the most reliable violet laser dot projection and long lifetime of more than 8,000 hours. In addition, after quite easy adjustment of laser beam focus and dot projecting direction within three dimensions, this industrial stabilized alignment laser achieves the most precise dot indication constantly. At the same time, only according to high attention to thermal energy hurt to human eyes and wearing correct laser safety goggles, it makes sure of easy and highly clear blue dot indication in distance effectively.

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