30mW 650nm Glass Coated Lens Red laser Line Generator

In special working occasion of highly clear and fine enough line alignment at quite long work distance, usually not easy to reach with any manual line printing or line drawing device, it is always not an easy job until getting professional use of a 30mW 650nm red line laser module. It is projecting the most intense and powerful red laser light directly from inner 650nm red laser diode. Designing with qualified glass coated lens and internal thermal emitting system inside durable metal housing tube, this laser line generator is just keeping work with highly fine and straight red line alignment at long work distance effectively.

30mW 650nm red laser line generator
30mW 650nm red laser line generator

When line alignment work is processing for quite long time, but not only used for temporary dot positioning device of a red laser pointer, this 650nm red laser line generator should have to maintain good laser beam stability and highly clear red line alignment in continuous use. It is designing with import 650nm red laser diode and metal heat sink cooling system inside high duration aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube. Even though red laser line alignment is processing under quite low or high temperature, it is still not affecting by working environments, but always keeping highly reliable performance within wide range operating temperature as well.
In a large variety of industrial precise device manufacturing work fields, 30mW 650nm red laser line generator would have to work with different line lengths and line finenesses at various work distances. It is adopting the most qualified separate crystal lens, after production of non Gaussian distribution red laser beam from beam aperture, 650nm red laser module is also projecting up to 85% uniformity red reference line. It enables freely selected fan angles of 10 degree to 93 degrees, after production of different line lengths within 0.5 meter to 6 meters, it is just making quite satisfied line measuring result for all kinds of precise device manufacturing works.
Whenever 30mW 650nm red laser line generator gets connects with a DC input power supply, it just ensures continuous red laser beam and red reference line projection in distance. It is allowing freely installed distance of 3 meters, and easy and highly stable red line alignment under increasing temperature. Any time industrial alignment laser gets proper adjustment of laser beam focus and laser line projecting direction within three dimensions, it just makes sure of the most precise line alignment in distance immediately. At the same time, under high attention to any thermal energy hurt to human eyes, only after proper wearing of laser safety goggles, high power red line laser makes sure of easy and clear measurement perfectly.

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