High Power Economy Red Dot Laser Alignment

In some of special work fields where users are trying to make extremely clear and accurate dot projection, in those of high height and long distance working occasions, it is always making good job with a high power economy red dot laser alignment. It gets advanced use of external electric power source and separate thermal emitting system. In occasion that industrial stabilized device of 650nm red laser module gets constant power source supply and easy mounting onto any other industrial device or equipment, not limited by any manual labor force input, it always makes sure of highly precise and highly stable red reference dot projection onto a lot of working surfaces constantly.

high power economy red dot laser alignment
high power economy red dot laser alignment

This high power economy red dot laser alignment always gets constant power source from a 9V or 12V AC/DC adapter. Comparing with formal low power laser device, it applies an import 650nm red laser diode with even higher output power up to 150mW to 500mW. It projects extremely powerful and intense red laser beam at several miles far away. Unless it is pointing under sunlight, it also makes sure of highly clear and accurate red reference dot projection at long extending distance.
On basis of special use of separate metal heat sink cooling system, configured with highly durable anodized aluminum alloy housing tube design, available with 18.9mm diameter tube design, high power economy red dot laser alignment always makes sure of the most convenient installation, and the easiest reaching of red reference dot projection at great distance and multiple lighting occasions etc. This high power red laser module gets superior nice thermal emitting and thermal conductivity, without any effect by mechanical moving or shocking etc, it just makes sure of the most reliable and stable dot indication for industrial precise dot measurement, high tech and lab experiment work etc.
For the most important of all, owing to special use of APC, ACC driving circuit board, high power red dot laser alignment within 150mW to 500mW keeps work with constant red laser beam emission, and output power supply. In process of long lasting dot measuring work, without any effect by increasing temperature and serious electric current impact, only if it makes constant dot projection within 8 to 10 hours, this industrial alignment laser still keeps work with highly reliable red dot indication, and reduced possibility of tube burning out or damage in proper use. Whatever output power it is selecting, owing to its serious thermal energy hurt to human eyes, users should always wear correct laser safety goggles and avoiding eye exposure to beam aperture until achieving easy and secured measurement perfectly.