What is the best job of DC power 808nm infrared line laser alignment?

Whatever kind of working surface users are getting special need of clear and fine line indication for all night version illumination work fields, it always makes a good job to operate a long wavelength made device of a 808nm infrared line laser alignment. It projects invisible and intense infrared laser beam directly from an inner part of a 808nm infrared laser diode. Being made with a qualified optic lens with wide fan angles and constant electric power source supply, this direct diode emission made 808nm infrared laser module always makes sure of easy reaching, long lasting and high precision infrared reference line projection in constant use.

808nm infrared line laser alignment
808nm infrared line laser alignment

Different from any other visible laser devices, this 808nm infrared line laser alignment just projects invisible infrared laser beam, which cannot be observing by human eyes. In practical precise line measuring work field, it should only be used as an accessory part of other night version device, such as a CCD camera, black and white camera or infrared laser camera etc. When 808nm infrared laser module applies an import 808nm infrared laser module within 5mW to 400mW, only after the basic equipment with metal heat sink cooling system, it gets superior nice thermal emitting and increasing laser beam stability in long lasting use.
Once this 808nm infrared line laser alignment applies a qualified optic lens, such as a glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, it also passes through up to 24 hours aging preventing and beam stability test. It achieves high density and high transmittance infrared laser light source emission at long extending distances. At the same time, once it gets wide range fan angles of 10 to 110 degree, this 808nm infrared laser module just enables freely selected optic lens type of glass coated lens or separate crystal lens. Whenever it is selected with correct output power and optic lens fan angle, it is providing users quite satisfied IR line indication for infrared laser sight, laser medical therapy, intelligence system, monitoring system, infrared laser communication and high tech etc.
With the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket, together with both of 808nm infrared line laser alignment and DC power supply, it enables the most convenient installation and the easiest reaching of IR line onto any raw material surface. The unique use of adjustable focus optic lens enables highly concentrated infrared alignment laser light source emission, and high efficiency conversion of ultra fine and straight IR line generation at great distance. Whatever output power it is selected, it is a key issue to aware of any potential thermal energy hurt to eyes and wear proper infrared laser safety goggles until achieving easy and secured use effectively.

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