Low Cost 660nm 5mW, 50mW, 100mW Glass Coated Lens Red Laser Line Generators

In any type of precise and fine enough line alignment at various work distances and lighting occasions, it is always not easy to reach with those of manual line printing or line drawing works. At the same time, after continuous technical innovation of 660nm red laser diode tech and advanced use of qualified glass coated lens with different fan angles, it is being made into the most practically used device, such as a high brightness beam emitting tool of 660nm red laser line generator. When it makes correct use of glass coated lens degree and output power according to real need, after its proper mounting onto those of industrial machine or device, it always makes sure of high speed and high speed red line alignment onto all working surfaces.

660nm red laser line generator
660nm red laser line generator

This 660nm red laser line generator should also work for quite long time. Comparing with a simple red laser pointer, in order to get continuous red line alignment onto various working surfaces, it just adopts an external AC/DC adapter as an electric power source. When it is employing an import 660nm red laser diode as beam emitting source, within 5mW to 100mW, it is not only projecting highly clear red laser light at various work distances, but also making quite satisfied line alignment for multiple working occasions, including close distance, long distance, and formal lighting working occasions as well.
On basis of the use of qualified glass coated lens within 10 to 110 degree, whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, this 660nm red laser line generator is projecting various red line lengths of 0.5 meter to 6 meters. Any time it passes through quite strict laser beam stability test and up to 24 hours aging preventing tests, only if it is making constant red line alignment within 8 to 10 hours, this 660nm red laser module still assures excellent laser light cycling use, and the most reliable red line projection for all precise device manufacturing works.
According to the use of a laser alignment mounting bracket and specially designed electric wires, within freely installed distance of 3 meters, this 660nm red laser line generator always makes sure of convenient installation, and highly clear red line indication onto any vertical or horizontal surface. Without the use of high lighting and sunlight, when red alignment laser makes proper adjustment of both laser beam focus and red line projecting direction within three dimensions, it always makes increasing accuracy and fineness red line alignment onto multiple working surfaces perfectly.

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