Adjustable Dot Diameter 685nm 5mW to 100mW Red Laser Diode Modules

Whatever kind of working surfaces users are trying to make highly precise dot measurement, even though it is not easy to reach with a simple red laser pointer, it just makes good job with a 685nm red laser diode module. It is emitting intense red laser beam directly from a 685nm red laser diode. In various industrial and high tech precise dot measuring work fields, it should only be selecting with correct output power and getting proper installation onto any industrial machine or device. Without any mistake and manual labor force input, this industrial stabilized red dot laser just makes sure of highly precise and quick red dot measurement at various work distances.

685nm red laser diode module
685nm red laser diode module

In various industrial and high tech precise dot measuring work fields, owing to special use of a glass coated lens, this 685nm red laser diode module is always performing well with high transmittance red laser light, and highly clear red reference dot projection in continuous use. In order to avoid laser light decay or dim in various working occasions, ever time it makes special use of a glass window, once it is pointing under moisture or dust, the genuine use of red laser dot alignment still gets perfect protection of itself and assures highly reliable and stable red dot projection in long time use.
Being made with APC, ACC driving circuit board, available with wide range output power of 5mW to 100mW, this 685nm red laser diode module just assures constant output power and electric current supply. It is getting perfect performance under increasing temperature and serious electric current impact as well. When red alignment laser makes proper use by skilled users, within the maximum dot projecting work time of 8 to 10 hours per day, it achieves the most reliable performance and long operating lifetime of more than 8,000 hours.
According to the sue of 16mm and 26mm diameter tube, only if there is enough space leaving for tube cooling down, this 685nm red laser diode module always makes the most convenient installation and the easiest red dot generation onto any raw material surface. According to correct use of output power and proper mounting onto any industrial machine or device, it always makes no mistake and no manual labor force input red dot alignment constantly. When users are wearing correct laser safety goggles, and avoiding eye exposure to beam aperture, it just brings users no mistake and no barrier dot measurement in all application fields perfectly.

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