Long Line from 110 Degree Red Line Laser Alignment

How would you like to do to get extremely long line length in distance? Once you are feeling quite difficult to get extremely accurate line alignment in distance with required of long line length, it is also not a kidding job for users to still use simple manual line drawing tool, such as a square meter, blocking board or others. IN order to get ideal line aligning length, it is just a very nice chance for users to use 110 degree glass coated lens equipped red line laser alignment. Whenever red alignment laser line is pointed in distance, it is just clearly showing with high linear quality and high level of laser light transmittance. Only if this laser line generator is correctly installed and adjusted, it is easily obtaining a no mistake and high speed line instruction on all desired working surfaces effectively.
The design work of 110 degree glass lens made red line laser alignment is a bit different from formally used dot aligning tool, which is generating even more complex laser beam in type of a highly straight red reference line in distance. It is employing high quality red line, which is able to obtain extremely long line length of 6 meters at about 2 meters work distance from laser beam aperture. This laser line generator is available with quite wide range output power from 5mW to 100mW, besides its close distance laser line targeting, it is also workable for quite long distance, accepting fine and clear red reference line targeting within maximum work distance of 25 meters.
No matter what kind of targeting surface, this 110 degree red line laser alignment is always used as an accessory part, which is adopting 16mm or 26mm diameter tube diameter design. It is quite similar with a red laser pen. In addition, owing to its special design of electric wires connecting both red laser module and DC input power supply, it is freely installed with wide range distance of 0.5 meter to 3 meters, and then achieving the most convenient installation and adjustment until getting the best laser line instruction as expected.
When red line laser alignment is workable for multiple work fields, it would also have to maintain stable enough line instruction in those of harsh working environments, such as military targeting work. According to its durable structure design with aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material and copper raw material made laser diode core part, this laser line generator gets superior nice thermal conductivity, and then achieving stable enough red alignment laser line targeting in long term use. Anytime this red laser module is workable with quite high power, it will generate quite powerful laser beam and thermal energy. Only if users are remembering to wear proper laser safety goggles, this laser line device gets the best line instruction perfectly.

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