Efficient Measured High Power Pro Red Dot Laser Alignment

Usually users are getting serious need of highly accurate dot projection at much longer distance, not simply limited within hand reaching, it would become the most efficient solution to select pro red dot laser alignment. It is generating the purest red laser light from 635nm red laser diode, available with at least three times brighter laser light emission than formal 650nm red laser device and the lowest laser beam divergence, this 635nm red laser module is keeping work with the most compact size red reference dot projection in distance effectively.

High Power Pro Red Dot Laser Alignment
High Power Pro Red Dot Laser Alignment

It is not easy to keep the most accurate dot measurement constantly. Instead of the use of alkaline battery power source, this pro red dot laser alignment is employing external DC input power supply as its electric power source. In process of continuous dot projection work, there is no need to spend extra time spending on battery power source, but keeping highly stable and reliable red reference dot projection under strong corrosion and high temperature. In addition, in order to make easy and convenient dot projection, both 635nm red laser module and DC power source are designed with extending electric wires. Within freely installed distance of 0.3 meter to 3 meters, this red laser module is easily installed and adjusted, and then achieving quite convenient dot projection without barrier at all.
Whatever kind of working surface it is pointed, pro red dot laser alignment would be applied for multiple working environments. According to the design of aluminum alloy housing tube and copper made laser diode core part, it is keeping work with superior nice thermal conductivity, and highly stable red reference dot projection under harsh working occasion, such as mechanical shocking, calibration or moving etc. In practical dot measuring work, this alignment laser is recommended with continuous dot projection work within 8 to 10 hours per day. When there is enough time leaving for laser tube cooling down, it is keeping work with excellent laser light cycling use and up to 80% beam stability in continuous work.
Whenever pro red dot laser alignment is used for multiple working environments, this pro red dot laser alignment is used as an accessory part. It is applied for multiple industrial precise device manufacturing works. Under operation with a laser alignment mounting bracket, including those of quite harsh working environments, noncontact red reference dot is easily reaching any raw material surface, without any tracking leaving on raw material surface. In process of continuous dot aligning work, it is also a key issue to avoid eye exposure and wear laser safety goggles until achieving easy and free measurement perfectly.

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