Constant Measured 808nm Infrared Line Laser Alignment

If there is serious need of highly clear and accurate line projection under special night vision illumination work fields, it is not workable at all to only adopt formal visible laser device or formal line drawing or printing device. In process of constant work on infrared laser diode tech, laser tech engineer has just developed long wavelength made 808nm infrared line laser alignment. It is emitting invisible infrared laser beam and infrared laser line from beam aperture. Owing to its invisible laser light emission to human eyes, only if this laser line generator is operated under night vision device, it will make easy and highly clear IR reference line projection in distance effectively.

high power 808nm infrared line laser alignment
high power 808nm infrared line laser alignment

It is not easy job to make line alignment under night vision working occasion, since nothing can be observed by human eyes at all. In process of the use of long wavelength 808nm infrared line laser alignment, it should not be used separately. In process of highly clear line aligning work, this long wavelength made infrared laser module should only be used under special device, such as a CCD camera, black and white camera or infrared laser camera, it would just make sure of clear and fine enough IR reference line projection easily.
In process of highly clear line alignment for night vision applied military targeting, surveillance, intelligence system and other work fields, 808nm infrared line laser alignment would be used at quite long distance. It is getting beginning power within 5mW to 400mW. When it is getting up to 80% laser beam photoelectric ability, this infrared laser module would make sure of highly clear IR reference line at quite long distance. Low power infrared laser within 200mW is workable within 50 meters. However, once it is selected up to 200mW to 400mW, infrared laser line is projected as long as 100 to 1000 meters in use.
Whatever kind of working surface, owing to compact structure design of only 16mm or 26mm diameter tube diameter, 808nm infrared line laser alignment gets quite easy installation and adjustment, and then making quite convenient infrared reference line projection in use. Both infrared laser and DC power source are designed with electric wires extension, available with 0.3 meter to 3 meters, this alignment laser would just make sure of quite convenient and immediate IR line projection in use. Any output power it is selected, human eyes cannot capture any IR light at all. It is a very important issue to wear infrared laser safety goggles and avoiding eye exposure, this IR laser line module makes sure of free and quick measurement easily.

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