Review of High Power 808nm Infrared Cross Laser Alignment

In various kinds of night vision cross line measuring work fields, it is not realistic for users to get accurate enough cross line alignment with formally used laser devices. On contrary, on basis of quite long wavelength of 808nm infrared laser diode, and special equipment under night vision device, 808nm infrared cross laser alignment is just generating quite clear and accurate IR vertical and horizontal laser lines on all desired working surfaces effectively. According to proper selection of output power and glass coated lens degree, this cross line laser module is just effective enough to gain the clearest cross line generation for laser medical treatment device, military targeting, surveillance or others etc.

808nm Infrared Cross Laser Alignment
808nm Infrared Cross Laser Alignment

In process of night vision accurate cross line alignment work, high power 808nm infrared cross laser alignment is not only used for quite long distance cross line generation work, but would have to maintain its extremely stable performance in long term use. This cross line laser module is just employing import 808nm infrared laser diode, once it is being designed as an accessory part of this laser device, it is making sure of improving laser beam stability of at least 40% than formal laser device. Under condition that it is operated by skilled users or professionals, under proper operation and adjustment of cross line thickness and targeting direction, this infrared laser module would make quite easy and accurate cross line generation in long term use.
When cross line is pointed on different working surface, this 808nm infrared cross laser alignment is required to generate different dimension cross line source in distance. According to the design with 10, 15 and 110 degree optic lens degree, it is easily obtaining different cross line dimension in distance. This cross line laser module is not adjustable focus, however, users can still make quite easy screw of laser beam aperture, thus getting quite satisfied cross line generation as expected.
According to the design with 26mm diameter tube diameter design, no matter what kind of working surfaces, this 808nm infrared cross laser alignment is always getting quite convenient installation with maximum distance of 3 meters, and then achieving highly clear two perpendicular lines with accurate 90 degrees. The genuine cross line alignment is also able to be used with the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket, and then getting the most satisfied cross line generation in distance. Under condition that users are wearing proper 808nm infrared laser safety goggles and avoid eye exposure to powerful IR laser light, this high intensity beam infrared laser module would always get no danger and high speed alignment perfectly.

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