Accessory Part of 100mW to 400mW 808nm Infrared Laser Diode Modules

When users are trying to make highly clear and accurate dot alignment in those of special night version fields, it is far more enough to only rely on a simple laser pointer. On contrary, after constant technical innovation of 808nm infrared laser diode and qualified glass coated lens, it is being made into the most practically used device of infrared laser diode module. In any occasion that it is operating as an accessory part, after its proper use of constant power source supply and night version device, this infrared dot laser has just assures the most intense infrared laser light emission, and highly clear and accurate infrared reference dot emission under all night version illumination fields constantly.

808nm infrared laser diode module
808nm infrared laser diode module

Not the same as any formal manual or mechanical dot aligning tool, this 808nm infrared laser diode module always plays different role in real night version dot measuring work. It is getting even longer wavelength than any other visible laser devices. As a result, it is operating easy and conveniently as an accessory part, which is working well with other night version device, such as CCD camera, black and white camera or infrared laser camera etc. When it gets high photoelectric ability of up to 85%, available with wide range output power of 100mW to 400mW, this infrared dot laser has just assured high efficiency infrared laser light conversion, and generated the clearest infrared reference dot at various work distances.
On basis of the use of an import 808nm infrared laser diode, after basic use of a metal heat sink cooling system, this 808nm infrared laser diode module is easily getting at least 40% improvement of laser beam stability in long time use. The adoption of durable anodized aluminum alloy housing tube assures superior nice thermal conductivity and super wide range operating temperature. Even though infrared alignment laser is working under those of harsh occasion of mechanical moving or shocking etc, within long lasting IR dot projecting work, it stills keeps work with good laser beam stability and highly clear dot indication as expected.
On basis of the use of 16mm and 26mm diameter metal housing tube, after proper installation onto any night version device, this 808nm infrared laser diode module is always working well with easy and quick indicating IR dot alignment in various working fields. When it makes correct use of output power and easy adjustment of both laser beam focus and IR dot emitting direction within three dimensions, it brings users high precision and no manual labor force input dot alignment constantly. Any time users are aware of any powerful infrared laser radiation and reflection, after proper wearing of infrared laser safety goggles and avoiding eye exposure to laser beam aperture, it makes sure of easy and high security dot alignment permanently.

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