Non Gaussian Beam High Power Green Laser Line Generator

In any type of scientific research or lab experiment work fields, it might be extremely hard job to achieve highly clear and stable line alignment at quite long work distance. Laser tech engineer has never given up development of the most practically used laser device. For instance, the operation of high power green laser line generator gets beginning high power up to 200mW, after professional design of separate metal heat sink cooling system and external DC input power supply, this green laser module obtains excellent thermal emitting and the most stable green reference line projection in long term use.

high power 532nm green laser line generator
high power 532nm green laser line generator

It is required to make highly stable line alignment for quite long time. From beginning design of high power green laser line generator, it is selecting separate metal heat sink cooling system, which is always leaving the largest space reserving as its thermal emitting, and also keeping highly reliable green reference line projection within wide range operating temperature. When laser line alignment work is processed under quite harsh working environments, this compact structure made green line laser enables quite easy installation, and then keeping highly reliable green line projection under all kinds of mechanical shocking or calibration etc.
Whenever high power green laser line generator employs the most qualified optic lens of separate crystal lens, it is always keeping non Gaussian distributed green laser light from beam aperture. Even though green reference line is pointed at quite long work distance, it is still keeping the same brightness green reference line projection from middle part towards both ends. For the most important of all, in process of continuous line alignment work, this green laser module passes through quite strict beam stability tests up to 24 hours. Under a series of super rapid electric current adding test and up to 24 hours aging preventing test, this alignment laser is keeping excellent laser light cycling use and the most reliable green line projection in long term work.
Within freely selected optic lens degree of 10 degree to 93 degree, high power green laser line generator obtains different line length and line thickness in use. It is always passing through basic experiment and calculation, and then being recommended with correct output power and optic lens degree as expected. Whenever quite powerful and intense green laser light and thermal energy are produced from laser beam aperture, users should never made direct eye exposure to laser beam aperture so as to avoid hurt to human eyes and retina. Only according to proper wearing of laser safety glasses and correct installation of green line laser, it makes no mistake line generation perfectly.

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