How can 532nm green line laser module work at different work distances?

Once you are trying to make highly precise and fine enough line generation at different work distances, it might be far enough than formal hand reaching. However, under operation of constant technical innovation of 532nm green DPSS laser system, it is being made with quite practically used device of a 532nm green line laser module. Under operation with a qualified glass coated lens with wide fan angles and continuous parcel supply, only if it gets proper installation and adjustment to correct position, this industrial stabilized laser line generator has just achieved excellent green laser light source emission, and ultra fine and clear green line projection at various work distances continuously.

532nm green line laser module
532nm green line laser module

The usual use of a 532nm green line laser module has to work for a quite long time. It is a major part to assure its stable and reliable performance. As a result, the usual use of a metal heat sink cooling system is configured with a high duration anodized aluminum alloy housing tube. Once it is making continuous line projection, it has just achieved good thermal emitting and thermal conductivity. It always allows the long lasting green reference line projection within eight to ten hours per day. There is just leaving enough time and space for tube cooling down.
In practical precise line positioning work, according to the real work distance, required line length, line fineness, this 532nm green line laser module is available with wide range optic lens within wide fan angle of 10 to 110 degree. The unique use of a glass coated Lens and glass window are cooperating well, which enables high quality green laser light source emission. Its projects high linear quality and highly straight green reference line projection within 0.5 to 6 meters in continuous use. It is a necessity for users to make basic measurement and experiment of required technical data. after its correct selection of output power and optic lens angle, this laser line generator just brings users excellent line alignment solution for laser cutting, sawmill, lumber machine, textile garment processing, military targeting and high Tech work etc.
Under operation with different dimension tube of 16mm and 26mm diameter design, with the assistance of a laser alignment mount bracket, this 532nm green line laser module always makes sure of convenient installation and easy reaching of green reference line projection onto any vertical or horizontal work surface. It brings users non contact, no mistake, and no barrier line alignment solution onto all working surfaces. Once this alignment laser makes freely adjusted laser beam focus and laser line projecting direction, it just gets concentrated green laser light source emission and increasing accuracy line projection at great distance. Users should only pay high attention to laser safety issue and wear correct laser safety glasses, without any exposure to beam aperture, it industrial laser line generating device just brings the users easy and secured line alignment result continuously.

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