Green Laser Diode Module 200mW

Looking for the most efficient dot alignment solution for long distance and high lighting seriously? The operation of high power green laser diode module 200mW is the best choice to do so. Employed by the most easily absorbed and the most visible laser light emitted 532nm green DPS laser system, standing among the middle wavelength of visible optical spectrums, high power green dot laser is generating the most intense and powerful green laser radiation, and producing the clearest green reference dot projection result efficiently. Under operation without sunlight, green laser dot is also making clear dot indication under high lighting easily.

high power green laser diode module 200mW
high power green laser diode module 200mW

Supported by external DC input power supply, after easy accepting of wide range electric current within 100V to 240V, and converted into much lower voltage of 9V operating voltage, green laser diode module 200mW would just make sure of bright enough green reference dot projection in use. It is workable continuously. Although it can last a quite long time for continuous dot alignment work, however, it should also leave enough time for laser tube cooling down. Only if this alignment laser gets quite larger space and enough time for laser tube cooling down, this green dot laser is just achieving excellent laser light cycling use and highly reliable dot positioning result.
Not the same as formal plastic coated lens, after the adoption of qualified glass cylindrical lens, green laser diode module 200mW is keeping work with quite high laser beam transmittance and highly clear green dot projection in distance. It is an industrial stabilized dot laser alignment tool, but not simply used for temporary dot aligning work. In process of quite strict laser beam stability tests, including super rapid electric current adding test, alternative high and low temperature changing test and up to 24 hours aging preventing test, after applying for various industrial and high tech dot alignment work, this green dot laser is getting super strong environmental stabilization and the most stable green reference dot projection in long term use.
Under special design of separate metal heat sink cooling system and inner metal heat sink cooling system, high power green laser diode module 200mW gets the largest space reserving as its thermal emitting system. When there is quite rapid temperature increasing of laser tube, however, this alignment laser is preventing serious electric current impacting and protecting laser tube from constant increasing temperature, thus achieving extremely high laser beam stability up to 80% under continuous dot aligning work of 8 to 10 hours per day. Under quite high attention to the most powerful green laser light and thermal energy, after correct wearing of laser safety glasses, this high power green dot laser achieves easy and safe measurement effectively.

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