Long Distance Aligned Blue Crosshair Laser Module

Whenever users are trying to make quite easy and rapid cross line alignment at a quite long work distance, it would be an extremely hard work until selecting a practically used laser device. For instance, on basis of basic import 445nm blue laser diode tech, laser tech engineer has just designed this cross laser alignment tool with advanced glass coated lens. It is getting selectable output power and optic lens degree, even though cross line targeting is processed at quite long distance, this blue laser module is just effective enough to obtain highly clear and accurate blue cross line generation in use effectively.

445nm Blue Crosshair Laser Module
445nm Blue Crosshair Laser Module

Usually blue crosshair laser module is employing import 445nm blue laser diode as its laser beam emitting source. Owing to its beginning high power from 50mW to 100mW, it is always generating highly clear and visible blue laser beam at several miles far away. It is an industrial stabilized alignment laser device, once it is being used by skilled users or professionals, it would just make sure of highly stable and reliable performance, and then maintaining clear blue cross line generation in long term use.
In quite special work field, such as laser show, laser displaying or military targeting, high power blue crosshair laser module might be used under those of harsh working occasions. However, it is just being manufactured with high attention to environmental stabilization. It is just employing quite high quality aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material, together with copper made laser diode core part, this blue cross laser alignment is obtaining highly stable cross line generation within wide range operating temperature. After quite easy installation and adjustment of cross line targeting direction, it is just keeping highly stable performance, without any affect caused by mechanical shocking, calibration or moving etc.
Anytime cross line generation is proceed under multiple working environments, this compact structure made blue crosshair laser module is always workable with quite easy installation, adjustment, and then obtaining highly stable cross line generation in any working occasion. With the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket, noncontact blue cross line source is taking quite low time consumption and reduced relying on professional skills, and then easily achieving highly clear blue cross line projection in distance. Only according to proper wearing of 445nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles, this high power blue laser module would just make sure of highly secured measurement constantly.

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