Hot Sale 5mW 650nm Red Cross Line Laser Module

When users are looking for an easy operating and quick response cross line aligning solution, not simply relying on the use of manual cross line drawing or printing works, it is becoming a much better choice for users to apply a 5mW 650nm red cross line laser module. It is emitting formal brightness red laser light directly from 650nm red laser diode. After special use of glass coated lens with 90 degree, it is easily achieving the most accurate two perpendicular red lines. When this compact size tube made red cross laser makes proper installation onto other industrial machine or device, it just makes sure of highly clear and fine red cross line source emission at close distance effectively.

650nm red cross line laser
650nm red cross line laser

Being made with an external AC/DC adapter, usually without any extra time spending on battery change, this 5mW 650nm red cross line laser module makes sure of continuous red laser beam emission from beam aperture. It is performing with wide range electric current acceptation of 100V to 240V. Only if it is selecting correct operating voltage of 5V 1000mA DC power supply, it is easily getting continuous red cross line source. At the same time, when red cross laser gets extending electric wires for both 650nm red laser and DC power supply, it enables the maximum installed distance of 3 meters. Noncontact red cross line source is easy to reach any working surface, but also making sure of no barrier and noncontact cross line alignment onto any raw material surface.
Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, after basic measurement and experiment of technical data, 5mW 650nm red cross line laser module enables correct use of glass coated lens degree. It is emitting various cross line lengths within 0.5 meter to 6 meters. At the same time, after quite easy screw of adjustable focus optic lens, red alignment laser gets high speed red laser light concentration, and the most efficient conversion of highly fine red cross line source in use. In occasion that it gets correct use of glass coated lens degree, it just makes sure of highly clear cross line alignment at close distance and inner room etc.
With the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket and extending electric wires, 5mW 650nm red cross line laser module is just operating easy as an accessory part. It makes sure of the most convenient installation, and easy cross line projection for multiple application fields, including laser alignment for screen printing system, heat transfer machine, laser medical therapy and other scientific research works etc.

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