How does DC power 445nm blue laser diode module work in distance?

Once you are trying to make highly precise dot indication at quite long work distance, it might be far more enough than formal hand reaching. However, it is not always a hard job until selecting a quite practically used device, such as a 445nm blue laser diode module. It generates high intensity and highly visible blue laser beam directly from a 445nm blue laser diode. Cooperating with good thermal emitting system and constant power source supply, once it gets proper mounting onto any other machine or device, this 445nm blue dot laser just projects quite charming and attractive blue laser light and provides users excellent dot alignment solution for both of industrial and high tech fields effectively.

445nm blue laser diode module
445nm blue laser diode module

The usual use of a 445nm blue laser diode module has to work for a quite long time. As a result, it should be working with stable and reliable dot indication as expected. The special use of a qualified glass coated lens and a glass window is configured with different dimension metal housing tube. In practical precise dot measuring work, it always gets superior nice thermal emitting meeting and thermal stabilization. It assures highly visible blue laser light emission and highly clear dot indication within wide range output power of up to 50mW to 100mW. Unless it is pointing under sunlight, this 445nm blue dot laser is able to provide users excellent dot indication as long as 25 meters in use.
According to the easy connect with DC power supply, not spending extra time on battery change, this 445nm blue laser diode module just assures continuous blue laser light emission. After easy use of AC/DC adapter, within the lowest time consumption, it has begun to work with constant blue laser beam emission from the beam aperture. It enables long lasting and continuous dot indication. Once it makes continuous dot alignment within ten hours, there is just no effect by laser light decay or dim in proper use. According to the real work distance and lighting occasion, only after correct use of output power, this 445nm blue dot laser has just provided users excellent blue laser light source for special work fields, including laser show, laser display, laser communication, laser medical therapy, optical instrument, military targeting and high Tech work etc.
Under operation with special use of APC, ACC driving circuit board, whatever output power it is selecting, this 445nm blue laser diode module just keeps works with constant output power and electric current supply. There is also no effect by increasing temperature and serious electric current impact as well. This alignment laser obtains the most visible and the stable dot indication and long serving lifetime or more than 8000 hours in use. Under operation with high attention to laser safety issue and proper wearing of 445nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles, this industrial alignment laser just makes sure of easy and secured dot indication in all occasions effectively.

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