What is Unique Use of 50mW to 100mW Blue Cross Laser Alignment?

445nm blue cross laser alignment
445nm blue cross laser alignment

In any type of high stability and high accuracy cross line projection a quite long work distance, it might be far more enough than formal hand reaching. At the same time, on consideration of high work efficiency and high fineness cross line projection at longer distance than formal hand reaching, it is just a quite nice job to operate a high brightness device, such as a 445nm blue cross laser alignment. It is working well with two perpendicular blue lines emission at long extending distance. Once it is easily mounting properly onto those of industrial machine or device, within quite long work distance and other formal lighting working occasions, this 445nm blue laser module is able to bring users quite satisfied cross line projection effectively.
From the very beginning design of a 445nm blue cross laser alignment, it has adopted an external AC/DC adapter as its beam emitting source. It applies an import 445nm blue laser diode within 50mW to 100mW as its beam emitting source. Further more, laser tech engineer has just paid high attention to its thermal stabilization. It is cooperating with a metal heat sink cooling system, whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, this cross line laser module is obtaining superior nice thermal emitting and thermal stabilization, and maintaining its ultra stable blue vertical and horizontal lines generation as long as 10 hours per day.
According to advanced use of a qualified glass coated lens, this 445nm blue cross laser alignment also passes through a series of strict laser beam stability test up to 24 hours. It is performing well with high density and high brightness blue laser light source at several miles far away. In addition, when it is making clear cross line indication, this cross line laser module is also assuring high level of accuracy and stability within the longest work distance of 25 meters and other formal lighting working occasions as well.
Being made with APC, ACC driving circuit board, even though this 445nm blue cross laser alignment gets high power up to 50mW to 100mW, it still keeps work with constant output power and electric current supply. Under operation by long lasting cross line projection within 10 hours, it still keeps work with up to 85% laser beam stability and long serving lifetime of more than 8,000 hours. Only if users are aware of any powerful blue laser radiation and potential thermal energy hurt to eyes, after correct wearing of laser safety goggles, this blue alignment laser still brings users easy, free and secured cross line projection results effectively.

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