What is the best solution of 50mW to 100mW 445nm blue laser diode module?

Whenever dot alignment work is processing at a much longer work distance, it is far more enough to reach with any manual dot projecting tool at all. On consideration of high work efficiency and high precision dot measurement onto different working surfaces, it is always making an efficient job to use a 445nm blue laser diode module. It emits highly intense and visible blue laser beam directly from a 445nm blue laser diode. In those of industrial and high tech precise dot measuring work fields, only according to correct use of output power and proper mounting onto different machine or device, this direct diode emission made 445nm blue dot laser just brings users quite satisfied dot projection at various work distances.

445nm blue laser diode module
445nm blue laser diode module

Owing to the easy use of an AC/DC adapter, accepting wide range electric current of 100V to 240V, the usual use of a 445nm blue laser diode module is always working well with constant blue laser beam emission at long extending distance. Employed by an import 445nm blue laser diode within 50mW to 100mW, it gets less brightness blue laser light source emission than an advanced 473nm blue DPSS laser system. However, on condition that this 445nm blue dot laser adopts 16mm diameter anodized aluminum alloy housing tube, it always keeps work with superior nice thermal emitting and thermal conductivity, and enables highly stable blue dot projection within long lasting work time of 10 hours per day.
Designed with a qualified glass coated lens and strict laser beam stability test up to 24 hours, this 445nm blue laser diode module is working well with high transmittance and high density blue laser light source emission at long extending distance. Owing to its special use of a glass window in front of laser beam aperture, any time it is pointing under moisture or dust, this 445nm blue dot laser still gets perfect protection of itself and maintains highly reliable blue laser beam and blue dot projection in long lasting use. Under operation by skilled users or professionals, after correct use of output power, it provides users excellent blue laser light source emission for all labs, institutes and colleges etc.
Together with electric wires extension for both of a 445nm blue laser diode module and DC power supply, it always enables the easiest reaching and the most precise dot indication onto any raw material surfaces. It gets no tube burning out or damage, but achieves long serving lifetime of more than 8,000 hours. Under condition that blue alignment laser projects quite powerful blue laser radiation and thermal energy hurt to human eyes, after proper wearing of laser safety goggles and avoiding eye exposure to laser beam aperture, it just brings users easy and secured dot measurement in long lasting use effectively.

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