The Clearest Measured Glass Lens Green Line Laser Module

No matter how long it is lasted for continuous line alignment work, it is always full of challenge for users before selecting a quite professional line measuring tool correctly. When laser tech engineer is making great technical innovation of 532nm green DPSS laser tech, it is just a quite nice chance for users to use a high brightness green line laser module. This is a quite professional laser line alignment tool, after quite easy select of output power and optic lens degree, it would just make sure of the clearest and accurate green reference line targeting effectively.

green line laser module
green line laser module

It is making perfect use of advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech, once green line laser module is pointed at quite long distance and high lighting working occasion, it is always getting the most easily absorbed green laser light to human eyes. Under condition that the real green laser line alignment is avoid operation under sunlight, high power green laser device is still workable within the maximum work distance of 25 meters. In addition, when green laser light is pointed under dark color, black and red color working surface, part of green laser light might be absorbed, which is just required this line laser alignment selected with even higher output power, and then achieving highly clear green line emission in long distance.
In process of highly clear line alignment on different targeting surface, the real design of green line laser module is giving up the use of formal plastic coated lens since it might cause laser light decay or blur in long term or constant line alignment use. On basis of the use of quite high quality glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, whatever kind of working surfaces, this alignment laser is available with high linear quality green reference line in distance. This green laser module is keeping quite low laser beam divergence, which has just made green laser line available with super high fineness and line straightness in distance.
After enough learning of required line length, line thickness and work distance from laser beam aperture, 532nm green line laser module will be easily selected with correct output power and optic lens degree. After simple connect with DC input power supply, it will easily obtain continuous and highly accurate green reference line in distance. The whole process of alignment laser line targeting has no need to make battery change, thus making sure of constant and highly clear green line targeting with high beam stability within daily operating time of 8 to 10 hours. When highly intense green laser beam is pointed, users should just take laser safety measure and wear 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses, and then achieving the clearest line positioning result perfectly.

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