Highly Clear Measured 50mW to 100mW 445nm Blue Line Laser Alignment

445nm blue line laser alignment
445nm blue line laser alignment

In any type of highly precise and clear line generation at a quite long work distance, it might not be easy to reach with any prior line drawing work at all. However, under operation with constant technical innovation of 445nm blue laser diode tech, it has got great creation of a 445nm blue line laser alignment. It is working well with long lasting blue laser beam and blue line indication from laser beam aperture. In any type of industrial and high tech precise line positioning work fields, owing to its ultra compact size tube design and good thermal emitting design, this 445nm blue laser module always brings users quite easy reaching and highly clear line indication for a lot of application fields.
The basic use of a 445nm blue line laser alignment is always working for a quite long time, thus it is a major part to maintains its stable line indication for a lot of application fields. The genuine use of an import 445nm blue laser diode gets selected output power of 50mW, 80mW and 100mW. Once it is cooperating with a metal heat sink cooling system inside a highly durable anodized aluminum alloy housing tube, it is performing well with good thermal emitting and increasing stability blue line projection in a lot of precise device manufacturing work fields.
On the basis of unique use of a qualified glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, available with wide fan angles of 10 to 110 degree, this direct diode emission made 445nm blue line laser alignment is projecting quite special laser light source type of Gaussian beam or no Gaussian distribution blue laser beam from laser beam aperture part. As a result, according to real line aligning accuracy and work distance, this 445nm blue laser module enables correct use of output power and optic lens fan angle, thus it is able to make highly precise line indication within the greatest work distance of 25 meters in practical use.
According to the easy use of 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply, without spending extra time on battery change, this 445nm blue line laser alignment is working well with excellent line projection for a lot of raw material processing works. On condition that it makes proper adjustment of both line fineness and line emitting direction, it gets high quality blue laser light source concentration and increasing brightness line projection in distance. Whenever users are taking basic laser safety measure and wearing proper laser safety goggles, it brings users easy and secured line indication for all application fields continuously.

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