Glass Coated Lens 808nm Infrared Laser Line Generator

In special working occasion where users are trying to make highly clear line alignment under night vision, not helpful at all to only rely on simple visible laser device or manual line printing work, laser tech engineer is just making constant technical innovation of 808nm infrared laser line generator. It is making good use of import 808nm infrared laser diode and qualified glass coated lens. When it gets constant power source from DC input power supply and selects correct output power and fan angle, this infrared laser module just makes sure of extremely fine and straight IR line indication for all night vision applications.

808nm infrared laser line generator
808nm infrared laser line generator

When line alignment is processing under night, nothing can be observing by human eyes directly. However, when users are selecting long wavelength made 808nm infrared laser line generator, only after its professional equipment with night vision device, such as a CCD camera, black and white camera or infrared laser camera, it assures the most efficient infrared laser light conversion and extremely clear infrared reference line projection in distance. It selects an external AC/DC adapter, accepting wide range electric current of 100V to 240V, this infrared laser module is just working with the high efficiency infrared laser light emission and highly clear infrared line alignment in distance immediately.
Under operation with the best quality glass coated lens, not the same as simple line printing or line drawing work, 808nm infrared laser line generator is projecting various line lengths and line finenesses onto different targeting surfaces. It enables high linear quality and straight IR line projection onto different targeting surfaces. Within wide range fan angle of 10 degree to 110 degree, after correct measurement and experiment of technical data, this 808nm infrared laser module just selects correct output power and fan angle until achieving the most satisfied IR line alignment in distance easily.
Whenever 808nm infrared laser line generator gets special use of a laser alignment mounting bracket, this accessory part just enables convenient installation onto any night vision device or equipment, thus projecting highly clear IR line alignment for all application fields, including military targeting, laser medical therapy, night hunting and infrared laser sight etc. Any time users are making proper adjustment of laser beam focus and taking laser safety measure, after correct wearing of infrared laser safety goggles and avoiding any eye exposure to laser beam aperture, this infrared alignment laser just achieves safe and highly clear IR line alignment perfectly.

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