How to make the best use of DC power 532nm green laser line generator?

If you have met a lot of line measuring tool, including those of manual or mechanical line aligning device, it is still not a good choice to do so. As a result, under constant technical innovation of advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech and a qualified optic lens, it is created into a quite practically used device of a 532nm green laser line generator. It is working well with ultra fine and straight green reference line from laser beam aperture. Whenever it gets proper use of an external electric power source, without any serious relying on manual labor force input, this 532nm green laser module just brings users quite clear and fine line projection for all application fields.

532nm green laser line generator
532nm green laser line generator

When 532nm green laser line generator gets constant power source supply, not the same as a simple green laser pointer, it is able to make a long time continuous green laser line projection. It gets good use of a metal heat sink cooling system inside a high duration anodized aluminum alloy housing tube. Whenever it gets good thermal emitting and thermal conductivity, even though it is working under mechanical moving or shocking etc, this green laser module still makes perfect protection of itself and enables highly reliable green line projection within long lasting work time of 10 hours per day.
Once 532nm green laser line generator gets the advanced use of a glass coated lens, under operation with selected fan angles of 10 to 110 degree, it always projects ultra fine and straight green reference line within 0.5 meter to 6 meters line lengths. At the same time, in order to avoid laser light decay or dim in continuous use, it also passes through a series of strict laser beam stability test and aging preventing test. This 532nm green laser module only allows proper use by skilled users or professionals. When it is mounting properly onto any other machine or device, it is able to provide users quite satisfied line indication for laser cutting, saw mill, lumber machine, laser car wheel alignment and optical instrument work etc.
Within quite long work distance and other high lighting working occasion etc, within freely installed distance of 3 meters, this 532nm green laser line generator brings users easy reaching, no barrier and no mistake line projection for all precise machinery processing works. Any time this accessory part gets easy screw of adjustable focus optic lens, after immediate green laser light source concentration, this alignment laser enables increasing accuracy line alignment at greater distance. When it gets high power up to 50mW to 100mW, users should always pay high attention to any thermal energy hurt to human eyes and wear correct laser safety glasses until achieving easy and secured line generation for all work fields.