Reliable 445nm Blue Laser Line Generator

No matter what kind of industrial precise machinery processing works, it is just a quite hard work for users to get a no mistake line alignment before correct choice of line measuring tool. With the assistance of a high brightness 445nm blue laser line generator, owing to its quite high power range of 50mW to 100mW, it is just workable for super long distance and high lighting line alignment. The real laser line alignment is just getting nice designed thermal emitting system, thus it is easily keeping stable enough blue reference line targeting all the time.

445nm glass lens blue laser line generator
445nm glass lens blue laser line generator

The aligning work with 445nm blue laser line generator is very similar with a blue laser pointer. However, once it is equipped with external electric power source, instead of the formal use of alkaline battery power, this 445nm blue laser module is just able to work with continuous blue reference line targeting easily. The whole process of laser line alignment has no need to make battery change, it is just a time saving and no person in charge work to make line alignment all the time.
In order to get bright enough blue reference line targeting, this high power 445nm blue line laser alignment is always adopting quite higher operating voltage of 4.2V DC input power supply. In order to assure its stable enough line targeting in long term use, this blue laser module is just adopting metal heat sink cooling system. When it is getting even better thermal stabilization than formally used air or water cooling, it is just able to support this laser line module with even higher beam stability. When this nice cooling system is making perfect configuration with its aluminum alloy housing material, it is just obtaining even better thermal conductivity and super wide range working environmental temperature stabilization.
The operation of 445nm blue laser line generator is not affected by any surrounding working environments. Owing to its quite nice housing and external DC input power supply, it is keeping reliable blue reference line targeting under strong interference, strong static, and mechanical shocking or calibration etc. The high intensity blue laser beam is quite harmful to human eyes, users should never make eye exposure and remember to wear a pair of 445nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles until getting high security line alignment effectively.

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