Excellent Performed High Power Green Laser Diode Module

Whatever kind of industrial and high tech dot aligning work fields, it is just a full of challenge job for user to obtain extremely accurate dot alignment result at quite long work distance. However, laser tech engineer has just paid high attention to the development of advanced 532nm green DPSS laser system, when it is designed with extending space reserving as its cooling system. In process of continuous dot alignment work, this green laser device is maintaining excellent laser light cycling use, and then achieving highly stable dot alignment for all high tech and machinery processing works perfectly.

High Power Green Laser Diode Module
High Power Green Laser Diode Module

On basis of selected high power of 200mW, comparing with formal green laser device, it is generating even more visible green laser beam, which is also emitting even more thermal energy in continuous dot alignment work. This high power green laser diode module is being made with special thermal emitting system. The separate metal heat sink cooling system has just assured even larger space reserving for thermal stabilization. It is reaching as high as 80% laser beam stability under continuous green reference dot aligning work.
In order to achieve highly clear dot generation all the time, high power green laser diode module is employing quite high quality glass coated lens. Besides its operation under long distance, it is also workable with highly clear dot generation under high lighting working occasion etc. It is keeping high laser beam transmittance, and then fulfilling extremely clear dot generation at quite long distance. In order to achieve nice laser light cycling use, before this alignment laser is available on the market, it is passing through a series of strict laser beam stability tests of more than 24 hours. It is getting super strong aging preventing, which is able to work with super long serving lifetime under operation by skilled users and professionals.
When high power green laser diode module gets constant electric power source, it will make sure of continuous green reference dot projection easily. In process of constant dot alignment, there will produce super strong thermal energy in use. However, APC, ACC driving circuit board is providing efficient preventing of electric current impacting, and then assuring highly stable dot generation in proper use. Within daily operating time of 8 to 10 hours per day, with enough time leaving for laser module cooling down, it will greatly reduce possibility of laser diode and electric driving circuit burning out or damage. Under operation with special use of 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses, this industrial alignment laser just assures highly secured dot alignment constantly.

Convenient Dot Aligning from Green Laser Diode Module

From the very beginning design of 532nm green DPSS laser tech, it is not simply developed into presentation tool, such as a green laser pointer, green DPSS laser system. When it is manufactured into quite compact structure device, such as a green laser diode module, it is not only workable for simple presentation tool, but mainly workable for constant green laser dot alignment in all kinds of industrial machinery processing works efficiently. When it gets high attention to thermal emitting performance, it just keeps high stability dot measuring easily and conveniently.

532nm Green Laser Diode Module
532nm Green Laser Diode Module

When continuous laser beam is emitting from 532nm green DPSS laser, it is just keeping the lowest laser beam divergence of less than 1mard. The TEM00 laser beam mode cannot only assure its highly bright and visible green laser beam emission, but also making great work for even longer distance dot laser alignment work. When green laser module gets much longer distance dot measuring with the maximum work distanced of 25 meters, it is still efficient enough to get ideal dot aligning accuracy.
This 532nm green laser diode module gets the most advanced adjustable focus design in front of the laser beam aperture. According to very simple screw or twist of laser module head part, it can easily achieve high concentration green laser beam, forming into a quite small diameter green light spot in distance. When the real laser dot alignment is workable at about 3 meters, it can keep super compact size laser dot projection as small as 1mm to 2mm. Within the acceptable dot aligning distance, this 532nm green laser module is getting an adjustable laser dot size among 0.3mm to 30mm.
When the real dot alignment with green laser diode module is operated with low output power of 5mW, it is not only workable for very close distance within your hand reaching, but also making sure of precise enough laser dot alignment in formal room operating occasion. Green laser beam is highly bright and visible, and users should always pay special attention to working environments, thus getting correct output power as expected.
When dark color background is in need of dot alignment, part of 532nm green laser beam might be absorbed, thus green laser diode module with higher output power should be selected so as to get visible enough laser dot alignment efficiently. This industrial alignment laser is getting very compact and durable structure, after proper installation and laser beam focus adjustment, it can easily get high precision dot measurement result clearly.