Low Production Cost 445nm Blue Laser Line Generator

In all application fields where users are making highly clear and accurate line alignment at great distance, not easy to reach any simple square meter or blocking board, it is a much better solution to make good use of laser diode tech applying device of 445nm blue laser line generator. It projects moderate brightness blue laser light from internal blue laser diode. Whenever this blue laser module gets special use of thermal emitting system and high quality glass coated lens with different fan angle, it is just keeping work with extremely intense blue laser light emission and highly clear blue laser line projection in distance effectively.

445nm Blue Laser Line Generator
445nm Blue Laser Line Generator

This 445nm blue laser line generator is an industrial stabilized laser device. It should have to work with good laser beam stability in continuous use, while still have to maintain stable and reliable blue line alignment. It makes good use of import 445nm blue laser diode within 50mW to 100mW. When it generates intense and powerful blue laser light directly from 445nm blue laser diode, it is still able to be made with small size tube diameter of 16mm. This durable aluminum alloy housing tube made blue line laser always achieves superior nice thermal conductivity and extremely stable blue line alignment within daily use of 8 to 10 hours per day.
Under quite strict laser beam stability tests up to 24 hours and special use of an external AC/DC adapter, 445nm blue laser line generator is workable with continuous blue laser beam emission and highly clear blue line alignment in continuous use. It accepts wide range electric current of 100V to 240V, after correct converting into 9V 1000mA DC power supply, blue laser module is just workable with the most powerful blue laser light emission and highly clear blue line alignment at great distance. Even though it gets increasing temperature, however, extending electric wires still make perfect protection of blue line laser itself from burning out or damage in long time use.
On basis of quite special use of glass coated lens within 10 degree to 110 degree, without any appearance of laser light decay or dim, 445nm blue laser line generator always assures high linear quality blue line projection and different dimension blue line length in use. It passes through basic measurement and experiment, thus getting correct selection of output power and fan angle. Any time this alignment laser gets proper adjustment of laser beam focus, after correct wearing of laser safety goggles, it makes sure of high precision and high security blue line alignment in distance effectively.