Pure Light Emitting Pro Red Line Laser Alignment

If there is serious need of high level of accuracy line targeting in need for current industrial precise device manufacturing works, it is not a hard work for users until getting the chance to make use of a quite high brightness pro red line laser alignment. When it is keeping generation of high purity and high brightness red laser beam from laser beam aperture part, this direct diode emission made line laser module is just able to work with super clear and bright red reference line targeting in distance. According to the selection of correct output power and glass coated lens degree, this red laser module will always get efficient line instruction on all targeting surfaces.

According to the selecting output power of 5mW to 100mW, Pro red line laser alignment is generating highly visible and bright red laser beam at several miles far away. It is getting quite low laser beam divergence of less than 1mard, even though the real line aligning distance is quite far away, it is still keeping super low laser line thickness. For instance, red alignment laser line is only keeping as fine as 1mm to 2mm at about 2 meters. This laser line generator is not adjustable focus. If there is strict need of beam focus distance, users should just make enough communication with laser tech engineer. After quite easy screw of laser beam aperture part, red alignment laser line thickness can be freely adjusted, and then getting quite satisfied line instruction in distance.

In various kinds of industrial precise device manufacturing work fields, pro red line laser alignment is always required to generate super accurate line source in distance. In order to avoid laser light decay or blur, this red laser module is giving up the use of simple plastic coated lens, but adopting higher quality glass coated lens or separate crystal lens. Red alignment laser line is just available with super high linear quality and high line straightness. When red line length is available with different line length from 0.5 meter to 6 meters, it has just made this red laser module workable for various kinds of work fields.

In order to get quite clear line instruction, pro red line laser alignment is always getting quite easy use after its operation with a laser alignment mounting bracket. Owing to its durable structure design with aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material and copper made laser diode core part, this red laser module is always getting excellent thermal conductivity, and keeping the most stable line instruction within wide range operating temperature. Whenever high intensity red laser light is generating, besides its long distance line targeting, it is also in need to take active measure, such as wearing proper laser safety goggles, this laser line device will always get no mistake and no danger use perfectly.


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