6 Meters Line from 445nm Blue Laser Line Generator

Without worrying about line alignment accuracy, whenever 445nm blue laser line generator is being used for modern time industrial machinery processing work field, it is just bringing users an easy and high speed line alignment on various working surfaces. This laser line module is being equipped with qualified glass coated lens so as to get highly straight and good linear quality blue reference line all the time. When this laser line module is getting the employing of larger optic lens degree of 110 degree, it is able to obtain the longest line length of 6 meters in use.

Without worrying about line alignment accuracy, this 445nm blue laser line generator is always getting even better line aligning performance than those of manual line printing tool or mechanical line aligning tools etc. It is getting fixed output power and optic lens degree, which has just made blue laser module obtain fixed line length and line thickness in use. If users are not know how to select a laser line device, users should try to know desired line length and thickness at required working distance. Laser tech engineer would make nice recommendation of optic lens degree and output power for this blue laser module, and then obtain high accuracy line measuring result effectively.

Anytime 445nm blue laser line generator is being used for long term continuous line alignment work, it is always key point to assure its stable enough line alignment in long term use. It is adopting dual thermal emitting system, including inside tube made metal heat sink cooling system and thermal conductive aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material. In process of long term continuous line alignment work, this blue laser module is getting nice thermal stabilization, and also bearing wide range operating temperature within -10 degree to 45 degree Coleus. When laser line alignment is processed under harsh working occasion, this blue laser module is compactly made, and bearing all kinds of mechanical shocking, calibration or moving etc.

Owing to its high power range of 50mW to 100mW, 445nm blue laser line generator is always workable for quite long work distance and high lighting work fields. In order to avoid laser light decay or blur in long term use, the real laser line alignment should just avoid sunlight, and making full control of real line alignment distance within 25 meters. When high intensity blue laser beam is emitting from beam aperture part, it is important issue for users to wear a pair of laser safety goggles, and then getting the most secured line alignment perfectly.


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