How to Use Separate Crystal Lens Green Line Laser Module Effectively

If there is not a quite efficient method for users to make accurate enough line alignment in distance, none of other manual line drawing tool or mechanical line alignment tool would be much more efficient than the use of green line laser module. Especially on condition that this laser line alignment tool is equipped with the best quality separate crystal lens, no matter what kind of targeting surface, it is always available with high uniformity green laser beam distribution. The desired green laser line is also available with up to 80% laser beam uniformity and highly level of laser light brightness than formally used glass coated lens or plastic coated lens.

On condition that green line laser module is equipped with high quality separate crystal lens, whatever kind of working surface, green reference line is just available with the same line brightness from middle part towards both ends. In addition, in formal working occasion, green alignment laser line targeting is also accepting maximum work distance of 25 meters, which is also effective enough to gain high level of accuracy line instruction on all targeting surfaces effectively.

Owing to the good use of metal heat sink cooling system, together with high quality aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material, no matter what kind of working surface, this green line laser module is getting superior nice thermal conductivity, and always maintaining highly stable green reference line targeting under multiple working conditions. Once green laser line targeting is processed under quite lower temperature, it should only be preheated by human hands, and then it will recover its bright enough line alignment in long term use.

According to its equipment of external electric power source of DC input power supply, green line laser module gets constant green reference line targeting from laser beam aperture part. It is adopting different operating voltage of 3V and 4.2V, and then supporting maximum output power of 100mW. When different output power range made laser line generator is being made with different size tube diameter, there is always enough space reserving as its thermal emitting system, and then achieving highly stable green reference line targeting in real operation.

How would you like to do to get super clear and quick enough line alignment? under condition that users are choosing this green line laser module, it should be selected with correct output power and separate crystal lens degree. Owing to its nice equipment of APC driving circuit board, although it is getting quite high power up 100mW, it is still keeping effective intelligent feedback control of provided output power and electric current, and then making sure of constant and reliable alignment laser line targeting in long term use. Whenever users are paying high attention to powerful green laser light, and remembering to wear proper laser safety glasses, this green laser module just assures the best line alignment work in use.


Effective Used Green Line Laser Alignment

Without worrying about line aligning accuracy, whenever the real line alignment work is processed by green line laser alignment, after correct selection of output power and optic lens degree, it is just effective enough to gain highly straight and fine green reference line on various working surfaces. The operation of this 532nm green DPSS laser tech made laser line generator is very easy and convenient, which is only allowing operation by skilled users or professionals. According to free choice of output power and optic lens degree, without maximum work distance of 25 meters, a correct power made green laser alignment is just making sure of no mistake and clear line targeting on all targeting surfaces effectively.

532nm Green Line Laser Alignment
532nm Green Line Laser Alignment

In practical industrial machinery processing work fields, it is not applicable any longer for users to make manual line drawing or line printing work. Anyway, the operation of manual line alignment tool, such as a square meter or blocking board is only workable for moderate accuracy line aligning work, but not able to avoid mistake caused by manual operation. The application of green laser alignment is totally changing the situation. Only if this laser line module is getting proper output power and optic lens degree, it is just able to work with clearly visible and fine green reference line on all targeting surfaces.
Without worrying about exact working environment, green line laser alignment is not only durably made, but also workable with wide output power range, which is workable for multiple work fields, and still keeping high accuracy and high speed green reference line targeting. The tube of 532nm green laser module is adopting durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material, equipped with its metal heat sink cooling system, this laser line generator is just keeping super nice thermal emitting. At the same time, on condition that laser line alignment is processed under strong mechanical shocking, calibration or moving, a properly installed green laser module is still keeping stable enough line targeting in long term use.
After quite easy connect with an external electric power source of DC input power supply, and proper adjustment of green line thickness and line targeting direction, green line laser alignment is just effective enough to gain stable enough line instruction on all working surfaces. When high powerful and intense thermal energy is generating from laser beam aperture part, it is very important for users to wear a pair of laser safety glasses, and then making sure of no danger line aligning in long term use.

Blue Crosshair Laser Module with Direct Diode Emission

The operation of blue crosshair laser module always begins with high output power range 445nm blue laser diode. Once it gets direct laser beam emission and qualified two perpendicular lines positioning from glass cylindrical lens, it is just efficient enough to get clearly visible vertical and horizontal lines with different dimension. When users are getting very easy installation and adjustment of cross line targeting direction and laser beam focus, this cross laser alignment is always getting superior accurate instruction for all kinds of high tech and industrial machinery processing works.

445nm Blue Crosshair Laser Module
445nm Blue Crosshair Laser Module

The generating blue laser beam from blue crosshair laser module is not as bright as 473nm blue DPSS laser system. However, even though 445nm blue laser diode gets much higher output power range from 50mW to 100mW, it is still efficient enough to be designed and manufactured with quite compact size 16mm diameter tube laser module. In practical cross line targeting work, this cross line laser module is very easy and convenient to operate and install, easily achieve precise enough blue cross line positioning result efficiently.
For the most important of all, when cross line laser source is pointed from 445nm blue laser diode, this direct diode emission blue crosshair laser module is able to support even longer time work. On consideration of its high output power range, laser tech engineer has not simply limited for simple presentation performance, this cross line laser just gets the most advanced APC, ACC electric driving circuit design.
The intelligent feedback system provides constant electric current supply for the internal part of 445nm blue laser diode and electric current board. Blue crosshair laser module is always efficient enough to keep highly stable two perpendicular lines alignment on all desired working surfaces. This is not a very simple dot projecting tool, but mainly workable for all kinds of industrial precise machinery processing works. The application of higher operating voltage of 4.2V DC input power supply has just ensured its bright cross line source targeting, but also making sure of superior protection of cross line laser module from any type of strong interference and statistic etc.
This durable structure blue crosshair laser module employs quite compact structure design, with selectable laser tube diameter of 16mm. It can be easily installed on any device, such as screen printing system, heat transfer machine, laser medical treatment device or military targeting device etc. Users should also seek help from laser alignment mounting bracket and safety measure from a pair of 445nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles.